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„Sustainable Development is a conscious decision, whose objective is to fulfil the own necessities without jeopardising the chance of future generations to satisfy their own needs.“ (Ralf K. Stappen, 2006, free translation)

Not only through ECOPROFIT® supports ENVIROpro the principle of the Sustainable Development (also known as Sustainable Economy). We are active in several professional networks (for instance the Municipal Initiative for Climate Protection Muelheim an der Ruhr) and as speakers in related events and specific workshops. With this engagement we build a strong interaction among the environment and the economic development. For as Economy and Ecology are complementary and generate together positive synergies.

Is your enterprise thinking of develop a new product? We advise you about its design taking environmental criterion into consideration (Eco-Design), for example making it easily recyclable after its service life. To this end we use for example the principle of Cradle to Cradle.  We can also advise about the use of alternative techniques to reduce the CO2 consumption.

Together with our partners from “Die Nachhaltigkeits-Berater” we can offer a wide spectrum an assessment and activities in the areas of Sustainability, Environmental Protection and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).