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optimización calefacción


With our standardized method, keeping the German rules in energy efficiency, ENVIROpro is able to offer a complete consultancy to improve the use of electricity and gas in your company. We identify the existing potentials in illumination, system control, use of machinery, heating and refrigeration.

In addition, we analyse the energy consume both in general level of the building and detailed, revising the consume of the most used apparatus.

Our aim is to advise you about how to reduce your enterprises’ expenses and save money in other areas as at the human resources. We have assess already more than 80 enterprises of all areas, from producing and service enterprises to old people’s homes and hotels.

In Germany we can offer our services for SMEs at a very low price, due to the support for Energy Efficiency Assessment of the bafa. Using the Programme “Energieberatung im Mittelstand“, SMEs can obtain financial support depending on their own yearly energy consumption.

Ask us for more details! We are able for you at this schedule.

Your advantages:

  • A complete register about the main energy consumers and the status of the company building (construction and interior aspects) will be prepared.
  • Identification of the main weak areas and of the existing optimisation potential.
  • Analysis of the consumption data and proposal of efficiency measures to reduce the company costs on long time in a sustainable way.

In case that the optimisation includes changes at the building, we work together with architects and engineers who implement the planned actions. In Germany we work with civil engineer Dipl.-Ing. Annette Hoffmeister.