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Dr. Natalia Balcázar
Dr. Natalia Balcázar. CEO.

She is ENVIROpro’s owner since July 2005. She is active in environmental, gender mainstreaming networks and in the European scientists support network Marie Curie Fellows Association (MCFA).

After finishing her doctorate in environmental management in 1992 she moved to Germany with a post-doctoral fellowship. She works in the consultancy area since 2001.


Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Weyler. Expert in Environmetal and Energy Management Systems.

Our material processing engineer is expert in the areas of Quality, Environment and Energy Management Systems. His long-standing experience in themes like energy related regulations, biomass power plants, incinerator plants and power plant technik enrich our core team.


Andrea Gloria. Expert on quality management.

Our specialist in quality systems and process optimisation. She has been supporting the enterprises in the areas of medicine and healthiness, food, chemical industry for more than 17 years, improving their processes and implementing the Norm ISO 9001. She is certificated as auditor in Germany and she is expert in hygiene. More information:


Dr. Ralf Resch. Expert on CSR and Sustainable Development

Our expert for sustainability management is the Master of Business Administration Dr. Ralf Resch. His main interest aims CO2-balance, ecological bilance, resourcen efficiency and renewable energy. He is co-founder of the netzwork “Die Nachhaltigkeits-Berater” (Sustainability Consultants). More information:


 Dipl.-Kauffrau Mandana Wilcox
Dipl.-Kauffrau Mandana Wilcox.

Our support for all related to ENVIROpro. Her capacities, analytical know-how and communication expertise enhance our services.


Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Lindhauer
Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Lindhauer. Expert on environmental emissions and safety at work.

Our security ingenieur and expert for waste reduction, ocupational safety and fire protection. He supports companies by the approval procedures following the German law BImSchG and has many years expertise acquired at foundries. More information:


Charo Onieva. Representative in Spain.

She is our specialist in social media and communication. Her organisations talent allows us to offer our knowledge in workshops and seminaries also outside Germany. More information: