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The ECOPROFIT ® Projects
are based in a Model of Public-Private-Partnership that includes economic, environmental and social aspects


ECOPROFIT®, the „ECOlogical PROject For Integrated Environmental-Technology“, is a programme to promote the sustainable economic and ecologic development. It was started in 1991 at the Austrian city of Graz together with CPC Austria. Since the first implementation of ECOPROFIT®-Method in Munich in 1998 there is an increasing number of German municipalities which carry out this project.

ECOPROFIT® is based on a Public Private Partnership Model between administration and economy. In ECOPROFIT® “Eco” means not only “Ecology” but also “Economy” and the “Profit” is reached through both ways.

ECOPROFIT® is a win-win-model for both participating enterprises and municipality, by using integrated technologies.

It works on:

►    Identifying saving possibilities by applying environmental measures

►    Increasing the environmental conscience from employees

►    Reducing enterprises‘ resources consumption

►    Networking among companies and municipality

Benefits for the participants


►    reduces raw material and energy utilization and decreases emissions and wastes,

►    increases the efficiency of the production and/or operational processes,

►    introduces more transparency in cost assignment,

►    supports motivation and teamwork in enterprises,

►    offers knowledge about important norms and legal issues,

►    offers high output with small expenditure,

►    involves enterprises in public relations activities,

►    improves the contact among companies and municipality

►    improves the image of the enterprise.

ECOPROFIT® works in 3 main ways:

►    individual company assessment (with SWOT-Analysis, identification of saving possibilities, measurement implementing strategies, etc.)

►    thematic workshops and information exchange by regular meetings (with themes like energy saving, water household, disposal network, environmental legislation, environmental controlling, etc.)

►    networking among companies and municipality (i.e. on licensing)

The enhancement of the public relations accompanies the complete project.

ENVIROpro provides competent ECOPROFIT®-Consultants for project management to instances and municipalities interested in the implementation of the ECOPROFIT®-Method and Projects. Dr. Balcázar’s training has been carried out in 2004 at the Graz ECOPROFIT®-Academy. She has the qualification ECOPROFIT® Senior-Consultant. This guarantees a project management quality, following the guidelines of ECOPROFIT®. The team is completed with specialists and engineers.

ECOPROFIT®’s method includes a final test, where the situation of the involved enterprises is evaluated. An independent Commission analyses the implementation of the identified environmental measures and those enterprises that pass this test are priced with the Certificate of Enterprise ECOPROFIT® in an if possible open to the public event.

Especially the SME’s interested in the implementation of a ISO DIN 14.001 Certification can use ECOPROFIT® as base, saving time and resources during the implementation of the Norm ISO.

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