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The environment (in its broadest sense) is largely influenced by the social behaviour. This is the most important way for ENVIROpro so that all people with whom we interact get to know that our vision contributes towards the improvement of our local area. Following the principle of the Agenda 21, we do it thinking at a global level: “Think globally, act locally”.

A transparent communication between ENVIROpro and their clients is the base in our project management, whose goal is to progressively achieve the improvement of social, environmental and economic conditions of enterprises, organisations and institutions, in short, of our clients.

Therefore the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the one that guides our projects’ development. We are also committed to take into account gender mainstreaming criteria and the human rights when we chose our suppliers and our partners. In our work environment any contribution is considered with mutual respect and its revenue to the common aim is valuated.

We commit ourselves to keep the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), continuing with formation constantly and developing social and technological services that can be adjusted to our changing society.

We engage ourselves in our surrounding community, taking special care of kinds, youth, female entrepreneurs and other people that have just started their career or restart it again. And, of course, we engage ourselves in the first place for the environment and the sustainability.

Our active contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement is not only confined to the field of business but instead it transcends to our free time, which makes us feel satisfied with ourselves and better citizens.

We hope that you are comfortable working with us and we are opened to further proposals to improve ourselves.